5 Tips for Diagnosing Common Commercial Refrigerator Problems

Commercial refrigerators are a vital part of any business, from restaurants and supermarkets to convenience stores. Keeping food and other items at the right temperature is essential for maintaining quality and safety standards. But, diagnosing common commercial refrigerator problems and addressing them promptly when these refrigerators malfunction can be a major headache for businesses.

Landmark Air Canberra is here to help with five tips on how to diagnose common commercial refrigerator problems quickly and easily. With Landmark Air Canberra’s expertise, you can identify issues and bring your unit back and running in no time!

Check the Temperature 

The first thing you should do when trying to diagnose a problem is to check the temperature in your fridge. The ideal temperature is between 35-40 degrees Fahrenheit (1.7 – 4.4 degrees Celsius). 

If it is too high, it could be an indication that there is something wrong with your compressor or condenser coil. If it is too low, it could be a sign of insufficient airflow or a weak door seal. 

Listen Out For Strange Noises 

Commercial fridges can make all sorts of strange noises, so it pays to check for anything unusual. Loud rattling noises could indicate that something has come loose inside the unit, while a continuous hum indicates that the compressor may be faulty or blocked by dust and dirt buildup.

Any strange noises should always be checked out by an experienced technician as soon as possible. 

Clean and Inspect The Coils 

The condenser coils located at the back of your fridge help keep the interior cool by dissipating heat from inside the unit into the air outside. Unfortunately, these coils can become clogged up with dust and debris over time, which reduces their effectiveness and increases energy consumption.

You should also inspect them for signs of damage such as bent fins or oil residue on the surface of the metal coils themselves. These are both indications of wear and tear that will require professional attention if not addressed quickly enough.  

Look For Leaks 

Leaks can occur in any type of refrigerator but they are especially common in commercial units due to their large size and complex design features such as water filters and drain lines. Keep an eye on any puddles forming around your refrigerator’s base or walls. It is usually a sign of a leak somewhere inside the unit itself and will require immediate attention from an experienced technician.  

Check The Door Gaskets 

The door gasket keeps cold air contained within the unit’s interior. If they are compromised in any way, your unit’s cooling system will have to work double-time and will most likely result in higher energy bills and potential food spoilage.

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