7 Signs You Need to Call an Evaporative Cooler Repairman


Has your evaporative cooler been behaving strangely lately? Does it sound like a herd of wild horses is running through your living room? Are you needing an experienced evaporative cooler repairman to address these issues?

If so, then it may be time to call in a repairman. In this blog post, we’ll discuss seven warning signs that you need to give an evaporative cooler repairman a call.

The Unit Makes Loud Noises

Does your evaporative cooler sound like it is about to take off? Such an issue may be a sign that your motor or fan blades are broken and not properly functioning.

That said, perhaps it is time to reach out to an expert technician before the problem gets worse. 

Your Home Feels More Humid than Usual

Evaporative coolers reduce indoor humidity as well as temperature. If your home feels more humid than usual, you may have a leak or malfunctioning part that needs to be addressed. 

Airflow is Poor

If your evaporative cooler is not pushing out cool air like it used to, there could be something wrong with the blower or motor. Have a repairman come and check these components of your unit for any potential issues. 

There is Leaking Water

One of the most common signs that something is wrong with your evaporative cooler is when water starts leaking from its sides or other parts of the unit itself.

The Pads Are Dirty

The pads are responsible for cooling down incoming air before it enters your home through the vents and ductwork system of your evaporative cooler. If they become too dirty, they would not work as efficiently as they should.

It can also cause problems like poor airflow and inadequate cooling power throughout your house. As such, make sure to replace them regularly to prevent the problem from recurring. 

Otherwise, you will end up spending more money than necessary on repairs.  

Not Enough Coolant Flow

If you are having trouble getting enough coolant flow into your evaporative cooler, then chances are something is blocking its intake valve. It is important to have a professional check and assess it immediately so that further damage doesn’t occur inside the unit itself. 

Strange Smells Coming From Your Unit

Another telltale sign of an issue inside your evaporative cooler is strange smells coming from its vents or ductwork system. It could indicate that something has gotten stuck inside, such as dust particles or even mold growth due to condensation buildup.

So, it is important to get this checked out as soon as possible by a professional technician who can determine what is causing these odors and how best to fix them quickly and safely.   

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We also provide an honest estimate so you know exactly what repairs need to be made and how much it will cost. So, don’t wait any longer – give Landmark Air Canberra a call today!

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