Air Con Split System 101: How to Choose the Right One


A correct Air Con Split System can make a real difference in your day-to-day life and Landmark Air Canberra perfectly understood that. These units can be used in every room of your home or office as they come with features that can deliver maximum cooling output. 

Air Con Split Systems are generally more energy-efficient and consume less power when compared to window, wall, or portable air conditioners. Also, the technology used in these is quite sensitive and precision-engineered.

What is an Air Con Split System?

An air conditioner is a sophisticated unit that uses refrigeration technology to cool the temperature. These units do not require any other cooling medium as they utilise the water evaporation principle to cool excessive heat in the air. It is best suited for your home and office given its noise reduction feature, as most of them are designed with inverter compressor technology

The compressor of these units operates silently, which means they are suitable for use in bedrooms and office rooms. Many advanced models also come with sleep mode and timer functions to keep your Air Conditioner running throughout the night while saving you electricity.

Air Con Split System consists of components like an outdoor unit (condenser), an indoor unit, and connecting pipes or hoses that link the outdoor unit with indoor units. The system cools the air by transferring heat from the room to an outside area through a coil.

The air conditioner must be installed by a qualified professional who can ensure the safety and proper functioning of your Air Conditioner. You may also pay some extra for installation if you are planning to use a ducted AC system.

Installation charges do usually cover under the warranty period of your Air Conditioner.

How to Choose an Air Con Split System?

Choosing an Air Conditioner is all about making the right choice to suit and fit your room and budget. Do you want to install the unit in a large hall or small space?

Do you want to set up the system yourself? These and many more important questions need an answer before purchasing your first Air Con Split System.

The size of your split system, especially its cooling capacity, is determined by the size and number of indoor unit(s).

If you opt for a single-split system, then it requires at least one indoor and outdoor (condenser) unit.

For a double-split system, two indoor units and an outdoor unit can be used. The outdoor unit can remain constant irrespective of the split between individual indoor units as they be be linked and have a similar power requirement.

Benefits of Air Con Split System


As you already know, these units are energy efficient and consume less power when compared to windows, walls, or portable air conditioners. Their operating cost is quite low if they are used sparingly or a backup system like fans or pre-coolers.

No installation of additional ductwork

Install Air Con Split Systems will require you to install extra internal wiring if you plan new construction. This is not a problem if you live in a newly constructed house but may come in handy if you want to set up these systems in your old home without any internal wiring facility.

Noise reduction

The inverter compressor technology used in most Air Con Split Systems makes them ideal for use in bedrooms as they reduce noise levels drastically. The inverter compressor technology is also one of the reasons why these systems are more energy-efficient than split-type ACs that have been operating in the market before.

Experience the comfort and efficiency of an Air Con Split System today with Landmark Air Canberra. Our team of professionals understands the intricacies of these systems and can guide you through the process of choosing the perfect unit for your home or office.

Once you’ve made your selection, our expert technicians will ensure a safe and correct installation for optimal performance. Don’t settle for less when it comes to your comfort. Choose Landmark Air Canberra for your Air Con Split System needs. Contact us today to get started.

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