HVAC System Guide: What Are Your Air Conditioner Error Fault Codes Telling You?

A sound HVAC system is essential in any commercial and residential setup. HVAC systems are the source of fresh air, which is very important to the body.

Fresh air also helps to increase productivity in commercial setups. If you reside in areas with hot seasons, a sound HVAC system also comes in handy as it works by cooling in-house air to make it more comfortable to stay indoors.

Most HVAC systems have become more challenging to use and complex with time. As a result, issues do arise now and then. Whichever type of ventilation system you are using you may encounter instances when an error code appears on the controller. Though most owners can fix this issue, some errors require expert solutions. Are you looking for heating and cooling Canberra experts? Landmark Air is here to meet all your heating and cooling system needs.

Sources of Error Codes

Many reasons could make you receive an error code from your master controller unit. The HVAC system stops working once you receive an error code. In most cases, the system will not even respond. Some of the reasons your heating and cooling system is not responding arise mainly from an internal dysfunction like insufficient gas in the system.

But some could be due to an old HVAC system that has been in use for a long time. Most of the old HVAC systems are usually damaged from bad weather or animals. Other times, people forget to turn on their system, and sometimes power trips due to bad weather are also a significant reason why your HVAC system may not be functioning correctly. 

Resetting Error Codes

It is recommended not to reset tripped circuit breakers when you want to reset any error codes; instead, resetting should be done to the isolator master switch independently. First, you need to access your outdoor master unit and find the master switch and turn it off. After 60 minutes, switch it back on and finally turn on the controller unit switch.

After this, you should observe and see what happens. If one cannot rest the fault codes, it is always recommended to look for an experienced professional to assist. 

Some of the General Fault Codes

Numerous error codes do arise as a result of a malfunction in your air conditioner. Some of these error codes differ across different models of air conditioners and the brand. You might experience so many error codes, but their meaning will depend on the brand of air conditioner you are using, but some errors are shared across different brands. For instance, a P3 error means overheating in your conditioner pipes and a fault code of FC will indicate a pressure drop in your outdoor surroundings.

Timing is Everything

Do not postpone repairing or replacing your air conditioning system because this only escalates the problem and interferes with your convenience. Landmark Air has the best team of professionals that will help you solve all your air conditioning problems. We offer you the best HVAC systems. To get our services, visit us at https://landmarkair.com.au/

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