Top 4 Home Air Conditioner Problems and How to Fix Them


What could be more frustrating than when you have air conditioner problems that stop working in the middle of a heat wave? Instead of sweating it out, try troubleshooting the issue yourself. But what do you do if your air conditioner is not working like it is supposed to? 

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In this post, we will walk you through the four most common problems with home AC units and how to fix them. Stay cool!

4 Air Conditioner Problems and Tips To Fix Them

#1: The air conditioner is not blowing any air

If you have an air conditioner problem, the first thing you should check is the air filter. A clogged air filter can restrict airflow and cause your AC unit to stop working.

If the filter is clean, there may be an issue with the blower motor. Try resetting the circuit breaker or replacing the fuse.

#2: The air conditioner is blowing warm air

There are a few possible issues if your AC unit blows warm air. First, check the thermostat to ensure it is set to “cool” mode.

If it is, then the problem may be with the evaporator coils. These coils can freeze up, which prevents cool air from circulating.

Another possibility is that the compressor is not working correctly. It is a more serious issue and will require a technician to check and assess the problem..

#3: The air conditioner is leaking water

One of air conditioner problems is drain pan is likely full if your air conditioner is leaking water. Empty the pan and ensure the AC unit is tilted slightly so that any future water can drain properly. If the problem persists, there may be an issue with the condensate pump or line.

#4: The air conditioner is making strange noises

If your air conditioner makes strange noises, something is likely to loose. Check the unit for loose screws or bolts and tighten them if necessary.

It is also possible that the fan blades are hitting something. Try cleaning the unit and removing any debris causing the issue.

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