A Full Review on Bonaire Evaporative Coolers


There are a lot of different factors to consider when you’re shopping for an evaporative cooler. But, if you’re looking for quality, performance, and affordability, the Bonaire Evaporative Coolers line is hard to beat.

In this post, Landmark Air Canberra takes a closer look at the Bonaire Evaporative Coolers and what makes them some of the best on the market. Keep reading to find out more!

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Review on Bonaire Evaporative Coolers

For more than 60 years, Bonaire has been one of Australia’s leading producers of evaporative coolers, supplying households with high-quality air cooling.

All Bonaire products are built in Adelaide. Their coolers have been particularly developed and constructed with Australia’s severe weather in mind, providing homes with effective and efficient cooling throughout the hotter months.

Bonaire goods are well-known for their high quality, durability, and dependability, and the brand is currently accessible in many countries across the globe.

Pinnacle of Bonaire

The Bonaire Pinnacle employs cutting-edge evaporative cooling technology to deliver effective cooling at a much lower operating cost than traditional coolers. This evaporative cooler stands out from the crowd with some of the most modern operating features.

Among the features are:

  • Impression Motor Technology That Is Innovative

The ImPress motor in the Bonaire Pinnacle employs axial flux motor technology, which results in significant energy savings.

  • Innovative Aerowing Fan Design

The Bonaire Aerowing fan has Bonaire Vortex Generators on top of each fan blade, allowing the fan to provide greater airflow while producing less noise.

  • Air Ionizer Bonaire

The Bonaire Pinnacle can cleanse the air before vents into your house using the Air Ioniser.

  • Filterpads by Filtercool

The Bonaire Pinnacle uses ultra-thick Filtercool 120mm filter pads to maximise cooling.

  • System of Water Management

A water quality salinity sensor will notify you when the water in the cooler needs to be refreshed, guaranteeing effective unit performance and avoiding excessive calcium build-up.

  • Solar Assisted Cooling

The Pinnacle cooler may be used in conjunction with an optional solar panel kit, enabling you to run your cooling unit in solar mode at a reduced fan speed to save money.

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