The Ultimate Guide to Gas Ducted Heating: Braemar vs. Brivis

Braemar vs Brivis

Gas-ducted heating is a popular choice for many Australian homes. Two main brands dominate the market – Braemar vs. Brivis. So, which one should you choose for your home?

In this blog post, Landmark Air will compare Braemar and Brivis to help you make the right decision.

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The Ultimate Guide to Gas Ducted Heating: Braemar vs. Brivis

People in Australia are more likely to use gas-ducted heating systems because they emit fewer greenhouse gases than other heating systems. Gas ducted heating is a quick way to keep all of your rooms in your house warm and cosy.

Gas-ducted heating systems have been found to be more efficient than electric reverse-cycle air when the weather is very cold. A group called the Australian Gas Association thinks that the rate at which gases are released will be a lot less.

A gas-deducted heating system is a good idea because it’s a cheap, efficient, and one-time investment, but it’s hard to choose which brand to use. In Australia, there are a lot of brands that make gas-deducted heating systems that work well at keeping people warm.

Brivis and Braemar are the two brands that are the most popular with people in Australia.


Introduced in 2012, the Braemar gas ducted heating system took the market by storm. It was rated as a star 6 by the government. Its new version of the Super 6 was on the market in no time at all.

The Super 6 model of Braemar was made with special power-saving technology, and it has been shown to cut electricity use by 10% to 20% each month. Brivis ducting systems are also well-known for having a 6-star rating and being very efficient. This brand has a lot of different models, which makes it easier for people to choose.

Braemar built-in Softair system

It has a built-in soft air fan system in a Braemar gas duct heating system. This unique feature enables these machines to control cold, swift air drafts. When the machine is turned on, it ensures no cold air comes into the room. This way, the room will be heated evenly.

Using “ICE” to cool in Brivis

Again, compared to Braemar, Brivis has unique ICE cooling technology that lets you control better cooling and warming, which means you can control the temperature all year long. From the same control panel, you can change your home’s temperature.

Braemar has recently introduced its latest 7-star ducted gas heating system and claims it to be the world’s first such 7-star unit. Though there isn’t much difference between these two well-known brands, users can choose based on a few specific features.

Even the price ranges of the two brands are about the same. However, star ratings are very important to people who want to buy the best thing. As a one-time investment of about $3,500 up to $5,000, one might think about adding extra feature units to their central heating system. It’s also important to think about the price range and budget when deciding about a brand.

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