Breezair Evaporative Cooler EXQ170 Review: A Comprehensive Look at the Features


Looking for a high-quality evaporative cooler? Look no further than the Breezair Evaporative Cooler EXQ170! This powerful and efficient cooler is perfect for keeping your home or office cool and comfortable during the hot Summer months.

In this review, Landmark Air Canberra will take a comprehensive look at all of the features that make the EXQ170 one of the best evaporative coolers on the market. Read on to learn more!

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Breezair Evaporative Cooler EXQ170 Review: A Comprehensive Look at the Features

Ducted evaporative cooling is an excellent option for the Canberra environment. Its technique is basic, yet it produces excellent results. A blower draws warm outside air into the evaporative cooler through wet filter pads. This air evaporates the water, releasing any hot air in the process.

EXQ 170 Breezair

The Breezair Icon line is a tried and true high performer, cooling your whole house while saving you money on energy costs.

Download the Breezair booklet below for more information about the Breezair Icon Range. Breezair is the first and only evaporative air conditioner featuring Invertacool technology. Inverter technology, which reduces power use.

Customers have saved up to $346 per year in power expenditures using Breezair compared to a basic efficiency ducted refrigeration system.

Breezair provides 100% pure air and cools indoor and outdoor living areas. Nothing cools as quietly or as well as this.

The Breezair family, with a history of innovation and excellence, provides silent and powerful cooling that is energy efficient, so it is kind to the environment and you. They pioneered corrosion-free, all-plastic rooftop evaporative air conditioning technology and are the world’s leading provider of evaporative air conditioning technology.

In Australia, Breezair is the market leader. The first evaporative air conditioner features InvertacoolTM Inverter Technology to help you save money on power.

Energy cost savings that have been shown provide 100 per cent fresh air. It cools both indoor and outdoor areas. Environmentally friendly The market-leading evaporative air conditioner in Australia Leading-edge technologies.

Features and Advantages

  • The power control module aids in the conservation of both water and electricity.
  • Clean and drain functions
  • The cooling effect is enhanced by exceptional water distribution.
  • Eliminates draughts and dust
  • Conserves water.
  • The series fan is silent.
  • The direct power supply as the invertacool motor consumes less energy.

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