Brivis Evaporative Cooling Guide: A Full Review

Brivis Evaporative Cooling

Summertime is here, and with it the scorching heat. With no end in sight to the current heatwave, many people are looking for ways to cool down.If you’re one of them, you may be considering purchasing a Brivis evaporative cooling unit for your home.

In this guide, Landmark Air Canberra takes a look at Brivis evaporative cooling units and helps you decide if they’re the right option for you.

We’ll cover everything from their features to how much they cost, so you can make an informed decision before buying.

Landmark Air Canberra offers excellent evaporative cooling service and installation. If you have any questions or need assistance choosing the best evaporative cooling unit for your home, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (02) 6189 2972.

Brivis Evaporative Cooling Guide

Brivis Evaporative Cooling consists of a central cooling unit linked to a network of outlets strategically positioned throughout your house. Through moistened pads, the cooling unit takes in the fresh air.

The air is filtered and cooled as it travels past these pads before travelling through the ducts and into your rooms, much like a nice sea breeze. Evaporative coolers are less expensive to construct, operate, and maintain than chilled reverse-cycle air conditioning.

The best part is that it keeps your house naturally cool even when your doors and windows are open. This is ideal for Summertime outdoor entertaining.

Whether you need an old system replaced or a brand new system installed, Landmark Air Canberra has got you covered. We install Brivis evaporative cooling units throughout Canberra and surrounding areas to homes and businesses alike.

Brivis Evaporative Cooling Features

  • Invert-FanTM is a one-of-a-kind design.

The Brivis Invert-FanTM, which has a wider aspect ratio and a larger blade surface, cools your house quicker while retaining optimal performance and silent operation.

  • Cooling Pads

These long-lasting cooling pads, up to 130mm thick, are utilised to maximise cooling efficiency.

  • Enduro Driving

The direct-drive engine is smartly situated inside the cooled air stream, allowing it to function smoothly even on the hottest of days.

  • Evap Cooler Made of Plastic

The cooler will not rust since it is designed to withstand intense heat and persistent wetness.

  • Water-Pump with Synchronous Drive

The Synchro Drive Pump is intended to self-clean by rotating backwards to eliminate obstructions. It has a high level of dependability in harsh environments.

  • Low-Operating-Costs

The most cost-effective method of cooling your house. Brivis Evaporative coolers are less expensive to build and operate since they use fresher, natural air than equivalent refrigerated cooling systems.


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