Keep Your Commercial Refrigerators in the Best Condition With These Expert Tips

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Commercial refrigerators are essential pieces of equipment in any business that requires food storage. They help keep perishables fresh, making them safe for consumption and ensuring maximum shelf life.

However, these appliances can suffer from wear and tear over time if they are not properly maintained. Good thing there are a few simple steps you can take to ensure your commercial refrigerator stays in top condition.

Here, we will provide expert tips on how to keep your unit running smoothly so you get the most out of them for years to come.

Perform Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

One of the most crucial steps to keep your commercial refrigerators functioning is to ensure regular cleaning and maintenance. Ensure that you clean the interior of the fridge, including the shelves, walls, and floor with a non-toxic cleaning solution.

Also, keep an eye out for clogged drains, damaged gaskets or any worn-out parts and replace them ASAP. Schedule regular cleaning and maintenance sessions with a professional refrigeration repair service to ensure that your refrigerators remain in excellent condition.

Maintain Proper Temperature

Maintaining the optimal temperature in your commercial refrigerators is crucial. It helps in preventing bacterial growth, and food spoilage, and minimises the energy consumption of the fridge. Make sure that the temperature inside the fridge is consistent, and the freezer temperature should be maintained.

To ensure that the temperature is well-maintained, install a digital thermometer, and run regular temperature checks.

Properly Store Items

Ensure that you store items correctly. Designate an area in your fridge for a specific group of food (meat, dairy, vegetables), and store products accordingly.

Always store food in airtight containers to prevent contamination, leakage or smells from mixing. Also, ensure that the fridge is not overcrowded as overloading the fridge disturbs its temperature balance, leading to energy wastage and wear & tear.

Avoid Overworking the Compressor

Another essential step in retaining the functionality of your commercial refrigerators is to avoid overworking the compressor. The compressor is responsible for cooling the fridge by pumping refrigerant throughout its coils.

An overworked compressor leads to an ineffective and overheated refrigerator that can be harmful to the food you store as well as to the fridge. Therefore, avoid leaving the doors of your fridge open for long periods, since it puts an additional load on the compressor.

Also, ensure that hot food is properly cooled before being stored in the fridge.

Check the Seals Regularly

The door seals are essential for maintaining a constant temperature inside the fridge. A broken or damaged door seal leads to an inefficient refrigerator that struggles to maintain the required temperature.

Check the cooler door seals regularly to make sure they’re in good condition. If the seals are damaged or cracked, have them fixed immediately by an expert refrigeration repair service.

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