Daikin Air Conditioner Guide: A Full Review


Summer is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking about air conditioners. If you’re in the market for a new one, Daikin is a brand you’ll want to consider.

In this post, Landmark Air Canberra will look at everything Daikin has to offer, from their wide variety of products to their customer service. We’ll also give you our thoughts on whether or not Daikin is the right air conditioner for you.

So, whether you’re looking for an energy-efficient AC or just want to know more about Daikin, read on!

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Daikin Air Conditioner Guide: A Full Review

Daikin began operations in Australia in 1924 and has been in business for almost 50 years. They encompass both commercial and domestic air conditioning systems and large-scale projects like high-rise apartment buildings.

Its energy efficiency and versatility may compensate for the initial cost of a Daikin unit. These include an emphasis on the economy without sacrificing comfort and the use of technology such as sensors.

Daikin provides a diverse selection of products for commercial and residential sectors. Many of these may be powered by solar panels or solar systems.

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Split Systems

Daikin’s split system portfolio is designed to accommodate both big and small residences in Australia’s diverse climates. Depending on where you live and what is acceptable, you can choose between a reverse cycle system and merely cooling.

The US7, for example, may automatically target humidity levels between 40 and 50 per cent RH (excluding the moisturising option), boosting user comfort, especially in tropical locations.

The range is not only energy-efficient but is also aesthetically pleasing. The Zena line is primarily aimed at homes seeking a high level of design and colour variety. Controllers come in various configurations, some of which include an app and weekly scheduling.

System Ducts

Daikin’s ducted series are meant to be versatile, small, and efficient, with their new inverter series fitting into any modern house or apartment’s narrow roof space. Their bulkhead systems are unobtrusive, readily blending in with the surrounding décor because just the controller, return air, and discharge grilles are visible within the residence.

With capabilities ranging from 2.4kw to 24kw, these units can condition the entire home or individual rooms, whether small or large. These systems can be adapted to an existing structure or included in new construction design.

Daikin’s ducted systems are designed for comfort, including reverse cycle as standard.

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