Maximising Efficiency: Simple Ways to Service Evaporative Coolers for Optimal Performance


Maintaining your evaporative cooler can be daunting, but Landmark Air Canberra is here to make it easier. Keeping your evaporative coolers for optimal performance will ensure you get the most out of your unit and extend its life. With just a few simple steps, you can maximise the efficiency and performance of your evaporative cooler.

With Landmark Air Canberra’s help, servicing your evaporative cooler has never been simpler or more cost-effective!

How to Service your Evaporative Cooler for Optimal Performance

1. Clean the Water Distribution Trays

The first step in servicing your cooler is to clean the water distribution trays. And it can be done by removing the trays and spraying them down with a hose to get rid of any built-up dirt or debris.

2. Change the Pads

Changing out the old pads for new ones is an essential step in maintaining your cooler’s performance. Doing so ensures that the pads remain effective and at their full capacity.

It also helps to prevent any buildup of dust and debris.

3. Clean the Cooler Panels

Once you have changed out the pads, it is important to clean the cooler panels as well. It will help to keep them clean and in good condition, as well as prevent any buildup of dirt or debris from accumulating.

4. Check the Water Level

The final step in servicing your cooler is to check the water level. Make sure that the water level is at its optimal capacity; if it is too low, it may affect the performance of your cooler.

5. Schedule Regular Maintenance

Finally, make sure to schedule regular maintenance for your evaporative cooler. Doing so will help ensure that it continues to run at its best and helps to extend its life.

Landmark Air Canberra: Service Your Evaporative Cooler Like a Pro!

At Landmark Air Canberra, we understand the importance of keeping your evaporative coolers for optimal performance. Our experienced technicians are here to make sure that your unit is maintained and serviced properly so that it performs at its best.

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