Evaporative Cooler Review: BREEZAIR EXTRAORDINAIRE 2022


If you’re in the market for a new evaporative cooler, you should check out the Breezair Extraordinaire. This is an amazing product that has some great features. In this review, Landmark Air Canberra will take a closer look at the Breezair cooler and see what makes it so special.

Landmark Air Canberra offers complete evaporative cooler services, from design and installation to regular maintenance and repairs. We have a wide selection of evaporative coolers services, and we can help you choose the perfect one for your needs. Plus, our experienced technicians will install it quickly and efficiently, so you can start enjoying cool air right away.

Evaporative Cooler Review: BREEZAIR EXTRAORDINAIRE

The brand-new Breezair Extraordinaire, The engineering of Breezair, establishes a new bar for cooling performance and dependability. It is the premium, world-leading evaporative air conditioner brand of Seeley International.

The revolutionary Breezair Extraordinaire has rewritten the rules for whole-house cooling. This remarkable evaporative cooling has been exquisitely built with a one-piece exterior cover that elegantly merges the corners and grille into a single cutting-edge rooftop cooler cabinet.

The louvres follow the roofline’s angle, enabling the air conditioner to fit in seamlessly. As a result, the cabinet may sit considerably below the ridgeline. This one-piece cabinet, which sits discreetly on the roof, opens up like a vehicle bonnet, providing quick access and hassle-free service.


The ingenious design of the Breezair Extraordinaire comprises a durable plastic dropper capable of integrating with various roof structures and accepting flashing from all roofs while providing a free route for water input, power, and control cables. It has been built for cutting-edge flexible droppers, eliminating the need for costly old-style metal droppers.

The one-piece exterior cover and water reservoir components are constructed of high-performance Permatuf® UV-stabilised polymer. They are exceptionally robust and non-corrodible, ensuring many years of dependable operation in even the toughest conditions.


  • World Innovation Leader
  • The market’s greatest “Low Profile” Evaporative Cooling system.
  • Unobtrusive roof-mounted evaporative cooler solution
  • Sleek design elements and cutting-edge smart technologies, such as WIFI connection
  • The most energy-efficient product on the market.

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