Evaporative Cooling vs Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning: Which is Better?


You’re probably wondering which type of cooling system is the best for your home. The answer may surprise you! Evaporative Cooling vs Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning: Which is Better? Let’s compare these two systems to find out which one will work better for your needs.

As you can see, there are many benefits to having an evaporative cooler installed in your home. If this sounds like something that could benefit you and your family, give Landmark Air Canberra a call today!

Evaporative Cooling vs Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning: Which is Better

The two most often used cooling methods in Australia are evaporative cooling and air conditioning. Although evaporative cooling is technically a kind of air conditioning, we compare it to air conditioning because of its distinct cooling mechanisms.

With the use of water, we refer to the roof-mounted cooling systems that use this method. Wall-mounted split systems and ducted systems, on the other hand, are considered air conditioning. The term “reverse cycle” refers to this dual function.

Using reverse cycle air conditioning, the conditioned air is brought back into the room, where it is cooled or heated and returned to the space in the same way.

Water is used in an evaporative cooling system to cool air, then channelled through your home.

If you are looking for evaporative cooling and reverse cycle air conditioning services, Landmark Air Canberra is the right choice for you. We have a wide range of cooling services for you to choose from, and we can install the perfect system that will work best in your home.

How to Choose Between Reverse Cycle and Evaporative Air Conditioning?

When deciding between an evaporative or reverse-cycle system, it ultimately comes down to your preferences and needs. It would help if you kept the following in mind while picking which plan to go with:

  • How much space do you have to heat or cool? Cooling extensive areas with evaporative air conditioning equipment may not be as efficient or successful as reverse cycle systems.
  • The weather. Perth’s humid environment might affect the efficiency and running expenses of a system.
  • Budget. Evaporative cooling systems are less expensive to install than reverse-cycle systems, and they’re also more cost-effective to operate.
  • How well the system performs. Reverse cycle refrigeration systems are pervasive in Perth and the rest of Western Australia. With ducted systems, each room may be zoned individually, guaranteeing that airflow or temperature control can be maintained in each zone.

Landmark Air offers a variety of evaporative cooling and reverses cycle air conditioning services. For more information on our different service packages, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Why Choose Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner Over Evaporative Cooling?

In some regions, evaporative cooling systems may be pretty beneficial, but they are not as effective when the humidity is high. Humidity levels in Perth range from 43 per cent in January to 63 per cent in June, with the lowest levels occurring in January and the highest in June, respectively.

If the air is already humid, consider adding extra moisture to it. Even in the middle of the summer or the dead of winter, it won’t be pleasant. It is possible to chill the surroundings with evaporative devices that remove moisture from the air.

This means that in high-humidity seasons, the device will be useless. Adding extra moisture to the air is not suggested in a region when the air is already saturated.

Reverse-cycle air conditioners are now widespread. People like them because:

Designed to Keep Your House Cool and Comfortable.

No heat is produced by evaporative cooling systems. They’re solely good for chilling. 

An evaporative cooling system could include fan speed and strength adjustments, but it will always function only as a cooler. Winter may necessitate the use of another heating method. Most current air conditioners, however, are reverse-cycle, which means they can be used all year round to keep you cool and comfortable.

It’s also important to leave multiple doors and windows open while employing an evaporative cooling system, so that hot air may escape. Doors and windows may not need to be opened at all on a day with a high of 40 degrees or more. An air conditioner with a reverse cycle may chill the room while also removing heated air.

Better Efficiency

People frequently use the word “efficient” when discussing reverse-cycle air conditioners. It’s because the unit is both energy- and cost-efficient. Because it can be used for cooling and heating, there is no need to switch to a different device. Investing in modern technology is a smart move for your house.

With rising energy prices, these systems are designed to be energy-efficient. Put another way, for every 1kilowatt hour you consume, at least 3kW of heat or cooling is generated.

It’s possible that other air conditioners won’t perform as well. A product’s energy rating will tell you whether or not you’re getting your money’s worth. Check the appliance’s energy rating by looking at the number of stars it has.

Accessible to Use and Customised

To achieve energy efficiency, it will be a lengthy and arduous road. Even the smallest of actions can have a profound effect. As a result, modern reverse-cycle air conditioners are engineered to save electricity.

They are equipped with technology that can adjust to the weather and temperature. A thermostat and an inverter are standard features on most models. Heating and cooling systems can be controlled using thermostats. Inverter technology, on the other hand, is a lot like the accelerator on an automobile.

As the temperature rises, it will reduce the amount of electricity needed to maintain it. As a result, you may be assured that the temperature in your room will remain constant. It implies that you will be able to experience the AC’s optimum performance without interruption.

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