Seven Witty Ways to Get Your Evaporative Cooler Ready

Get your evaporative cooler in top shape to reap its benefits in keeping your Canberra home or office comfortable without breaking the bank. Ensuring that this energy-efficient cooling system is in good working condition is essential before you can fully enjoy its advantages in maintaining a pleasant indoor environment.

To help you out, here are seven witty ways that will have your evaporative cooler ready like a charm and keep everyone comfortable all season long!

Top Ways to Get Your Evaporative Cooler Ready

Here are some top tips you can do to get your evaporative cooler ready:

1. Change Your Pads

Over time, an evaporative cooler’s pads accumulate dust and debris—especially if not regularly cleaned—and can cause blockage. When it happens, it reduces the unit’s airflow and makes your cooler less efficient.

Thus, it is crucial to clean it regularly or replace it. Make sure to turn the power off when removing the old pads. 

2. Clean Your Cooler

The next step is to give your cooler a good cleaning. Dirt and debris accumulate inside the unit over time, reducing its efficiency and making it more difficult to cool your home.

Start by turning off the power to the cooler, then remove the access panels and clean the inside of the unit. Once you have finished cleaning the inside, wash down the exterior of the unit.

3. Check Your Water Supply

Evaporative coolers rely on a steady supply of water to work effectively. Before you turn your cooler on for the season, check the water supply.

Make sure that the water line is connected and has no leaks or cracks. If you notice any issues with the water supply, address them immediately to ensure your cooler works properly.

4. Adjust the Settings

Most evaporative coolers have adjustable settings that allow you to control the temperature and humidity levels inside your home. Take some time to adjust these settings to ensure your cooler is working efficiently.

You want to make sure that your cooler is providing enough cool air to keep your home comfortable without overworking the unit.

5. Inspect the Ductwork

Finally, inspect your ductwork to make sure it is in good condition. Over time, ducts can become clogged with dust and debris, reducing airflow and making your cooler less efficient.

Check for signs of wear and tear, and make sure that all connections are secure. If you notice any issues with your ductwork, address them immediately to ensure your cooler works properly.

6. Schedule a Professional Tune-up

It is always a good idea to have a professional tune-up before the season begins. A professional HVAC technician can inspect your cooler and help you identify any issues that may affect its performance.

They can also clean and maintain your cooler to ensure it’s working efficiently all summer long.

7. Stay on Top of Maintenance

Finally, be sure to stay on top of maintenance. Regular maintenance can help prevent issues from occurring and extend the life of your cooler.

Simple tasks like changing your pads regularly and cleaning your cooler can make a big difference in how well your cooler works throughout the summer.

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