Haier Aircon Review: The Best Quality for the Price


If you’re looking for a quality air conditioner that doesn’t break the bank, Haier Aircon is a great option. We’ve been impressed with the performance of their air conditioners, and we think you will be too.

In this review, we’ll talk about why we love Haier air conditioners and why we think they are the best value for your money.

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Haier Aircon Review: The Best Quality for the Price

The Haier Group was founded in China in 1984. They began operating in Australia more recently, in 2015. The organisation seeks to deliver sustainable and inventive home solutions to improve everyday living. They manufacture refrigerators and washing machines in addition to air conditioners.

Haier promises to produce cheap appliances with smart capabilities that can interface with smart home systems. They conduct testing that simulates Australia’s tough climate conditions to build units that deliver under challenging situations.

Split Systems

The Dawn, Flexis, Tundra, and Premier series are just a few of Haier’s split system options. Their power reaches up to 8 kW, making these units suited for small to medium rooms throughout the home. They’re built to last a long time with an anti-corrosion-coated blue aluminium fin.

 Compared to heat exchangers without Blue Fin technology, the efficiency of the heat exchange process is increased by 40%.

A self-cleaning technology that prevents the growth of mould and germs is included in this line of units, as are other handy features like voice control and wi-fi. In comparison to other brands, they’re also a good deal.

Ducted System

Haier’s ducted ranges with a high capacity range of up to 24 kW and three-phase power choices can provide a complete home heating and cooling solution. The range comprises; High static, Low profile, Cassette Round way, Cassette, Smart power outdoor 3-phase and Smart power outdoor 1-phase.

Several energy-saving features are integrated into these ducted systems’ DC motors, including easily-adjustable induction speeds and higher static pressure. By using a timer, the system may be set to turn on and off at certain intervals throughout the day, saving energy and maintaining maximum comfort.


Depending on your requirements and preferences, Haier offers a variety of multi-system solutions in various forms. The line comprises a High wall, Ducted medium static, Ducted thin low static, Console and Multi-head outdoor units.

This range offers flexible installation, with units installed on the wall, in the ceiling or on the floor. A maximum of 5 interior units may be coupled to the outside multi-head unit, offering air-conditioned comfort in different rooms, with 1,000 unique inside combinations.

The compact design of the outdoor unit allows it to fit in spaces such as apartment blocks that might be lacking in outdoor space. PCB software has been developed for each indoor unit to verify that the wiring and pipes have been put correctly. This process takes only 10 minutes per indoor unit.

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