AC Guide: Full LG Air Conditioner Review


LG is one of the top companies in the air conditioning market, and its products are often among the most highly rated by customers. If you’re in the market for a new AC unit, it’s worth taking a look at what LG Air Conditioner has to offer.

In this article, Landmark Air Canberra take a full look at LG’s 2022 air conditioner and discuss its features, pros, and cons. So whether you’re looking for an energy-efficient AC unit or just want to know more about what LG has to offer, read on!

Landmark Air Canberra offers complete AC services, including repairing and installing air conditioners. We can help you find the perfect LG air conditioner for your needs, and we’ll provide expert installation and service so you can enjoy cool, comfortable air all Summer long.

AC Guide: Full LG Air Conditioner 2022 Review

LG Electronics, founded in 1958, introduced Korea’s first household air conditioner in 1968 and started manufacturing chillers for commercial operations in 1970. Since then, LG has established a diverse product line capable of handling a wide range of projects ranging from residential to office buildings, hotels, and retail shops.

LG’s Air Solution Business Unit aims to give various projects the finest comprehensive Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning solution. LG’s inverter technology has a reputation for being cutting-edge, with energy savings of up to 70 per cent.

Split System 

The Smart and High-Efficiency split system models are simple to clean and come with voice control as an option. They include revolutionary features, including Active Energy Control, which changes energy levels to optimise cooling while lowering power usage, and a Smart Diagnosis function to analyse any problems.

Some units are allergy and asthma-friendly. It includes an ioniser that may filter the interior air and within the unit itself, reducing mould and bacteria development. Louvres may be pre-set for comfort, and the operation is meant to be silent.

Ducted System 

LG controllers provide Home Connectivity and Zone Control. It allows users to manage and automate the operation of up to 8 air conditioning zones. There are two series of these systems: Slim Ducted Series and High Static Series, with the High Static Series covering huge expanses requiring up to 20 kW of electricity.

These ducts are thin and may be erected in tight quarters, such as residential complexes. Some of the indoor units in this line have an incorporated safety tray. This may aid in the prevention of damage caused by clogged drains or accidental spillage.

Peak Current Technology, which restricts the maximum operating current to prevent the system from running at peak levels, is one of the energy-saving features.

Multiple System

LG’s Multi-Split range features an Indoor and Outdoor series with various configurations and offers Flexible Installation. A monitor view aids in troubleshooting. This information is provided so that users may examine the error status.

Load control controls refrigerant temperature based on outside temperature, providing comfort while conserving operating energy. Multiple pipe lengths enable simple installation and increase the number of areas where outdoor units may be positioned.

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