Aircon Reviews: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioner

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioner

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is one of Canberra’s most popular air conditioner brands. But what makes their air conditioners so special?

In this post, Landmark Air Canberra will take a look at some of the best Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioners on the market and see what makes them stand out from the competition. So if you’re in the market for a new AC, be sure to read on!

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Aircon Reviews: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioner

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries began supplying units to Australia in 1975, and a local firm was founded in 1999. In 2009, they formed the firm known as Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australia.

Mitsubishi, founded over 130 years ago, leverages Japanese technology to manufacture high-quality products.

Wall Mounted Split Systems

Mitsubishi wall-mounted line comprises the Avanti Plus Series, Avanti Series, Bronte Series, SRK-ZMP Series, and SRK-ZMXA Series, covering small to large areas. These devices use fuzzy logic algorithms to automatically give the appropriate operating mode and temperature settings for the environment, making them energy efficient.

Certain types include built-in sensors that improve comfort while minimizing energy consumption. They assist in adjusting the temperature depending on human activity in the room, turning the device off when no activity is detected.

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Ducted Systems

The FDA Series (High Static Pressure) and FDUM Series are examples of units in this series (Medium Static Pressure). They have a DC motor that is efficient and quiet, creating an ideal sleeping environment.

This series boasts a sleek design and a lot of comfort features. Temperature Auto Return, Fresh Air, and a 15-minute power surge that instantly warms or cools your house are among the features.

Multi-Split Systems

The SCM-ZM and SCM-ZS multi-split series may be coupled with a broad range of indoor units, including ducted, wall-mounted, and floor-standing units.

A 70-meter-long pipe enables flexible installation and automated maintenance. In certain devices, defrosting may be started automatically to prevent the heat exchanger from icing up.

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