Top Five Reasons Why You Need an Evaporative Cooler Repair


Evaporative coolers, like any other type of cooling system, require regular maintenance and repairs to continue functioning properly. If you are looking for an experienced and reliable company to handle your evaporative cooler repair needs, look no further than Landmark Air Canberra!

We have been providing quality services and have the expertise necessary to ensure that your unit is running as efficiently as possible. Learn the five reasons why it is necessary to get an evaporative cooler repaired.

Reduced Cooling Performance

Does your swamp cooler seem to be struggling to keep your home cool? A reduction in cooling performance is a sure sign that your system is not working optimally. 

Such an issue could be due to many reasons, including dirty evaporative pads, faulty motors, or clogged water lines. It is also a common problem that happens to swamp coolers. So, do not fret! 

A simple repair can help restore your system’s efficiency.

High Energy Bills

Swamp coolers are known for their energy efficiency. As such, if your cooling bills have been increasing, then it is time for an evaporative cooler repair.

Malfunctioning pumps, blocked water lines, circuit board issues, or dirty pads can significantly decrease your system’s efficiency, causing it to use more energy to cool your home.

Unpleasant Odors

A swamp cooler that emits foul odours is not only unpleasant but also potentially hazardous to your health. Unpleasant smells are usually an indication of mould and mildew growth in the system.

It is a common problem, especially for homeowners who live in humid areas. An evaporative cooler repair technician can help you eliminate the odour by cleaning the system and ensuring that it is properly ventilated.

Strange Noises

If your swamp cooler is producing strange noises, then there is a problem that needs fixing. Grinding, whistling, or humming sounds could be an indication of a worn-out bearing, malfunctioning motor, or a loose belt.

Ignoring these noises can lead to a complete system failure if left unaddressed. The earlier you contact an evaporative cooler repair technician, the better.

Inadequate Airflow

If you are experiencing inadequate airflow from your swamp cooler, then you should seek an evaporative cooler repair right away. Poor airflow can cause uneven cooling and high humidity levels in your home, leading to a stuffy and uncomfortable environment.

Lack of proper ventilation or blocked ductwork could be among the reasons for inadequate airflow. An evaporative cooler repair technician can identify and solve these problems promptly.

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Landmark Air Canberra is the go-to for all your evaporative cooler repair needs. Our experienced technicians are here to help you get your system up and running efficiently, so don’t hesitate to contact us for a repair today!


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