Samsung Aircon Guide: A Full Review

Samsung Aircon

Summertime is the perfect season to test out a new air conditioner. If you’re in the market for a new one, Samsung is a great option—especially their latest model, the Samsung Aircon.

In this post, Landmark Air Canberra will give you a full review of the Samsung Aircon, including its features and how it compares to other models on the market. So whether you’re already convinced that Samsung is the brand for you or you’re just curious about what all the hype is about, read on for our take on this top-of-the-line air conditioner!

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Samsung Aircon Guide: A Full Review

In 1938 in Korea, Samsung’s name meant “three stars” and is based on three principles: being large, many, and strong. In 1974, the business created its first air conditioner. Samsung made a more sophisticated version of its prototype within a few years and continues to innovate today.

Split System

Samsung has created a one-of-a-kind ‘Triangle’ design for its split systems. This has resulted in massive air intake and a broad range of air output. These beautiful devices are not only energy-efficient but also extremely silent.

The split systems are simple to use; they can be controlled through an app. When the unit is switched off, the auto-clean feature operates the fan at low speed for a certain length of time, keeping the inside unit dry and preventing bacteria development.

Ducted System

Ducted systems are designed to be inconspicuous, with conditioned air delivered through ducts concealed in the roof space. They offer various capacities that can accommodate modest to big homes.

This kind of solution lets you chill or heat each room in your house with a single system that comes in a variety of capacities. The ducted series from Samsung has Wi-Fi control, allowing you to configure, monitor, and adjust your air conditioning remotely and precisely.

Other Systems

Samsung’s single multi outdoor unit links to a broad variety of up to 5 interior units, effectively using available space, especially in constructions with limited space. This allows for simple and low-cost installation.

With a revolutionary 360-degree airflow, these devices provide quick and equal temperature adjustment. This reduces hot and cold patches, resulting in increased comfort.

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