Solar Whirlybirds Guide: Top Benefits in 2022

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As a homeowner, you’re always looking for ways to save on your energy bill. One option that’s becoming more and more popular is installing a solar whirlybird. But what are the top benefits of solar whirlybirds in 2022? Here’s where our Solar Whirlybirds Guide comes in!

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Top Benefits of Solar Whirlybirds in 2022

There are different house ventilation systems, but solar-powered whirlybirds are one of the most effective and efficient methods to cool your home. Solar whirlybirds effectively maintain a suitable temperature in your house by collecting hot air from your ceiling throughout the day. Some of the advantages of solar-powered whirlybirds are as follows:

  • Superior cooling power — Solar whirlybirds extract up to 20-40 times more hot air than regular wind-powered whirlybirds.
  • Cost-effective — Once you get a solar whirlybird installed, you will not have to spend anything more. There are no operating fees or power bills to pay, and it will considerably decrease the amount of electricity used by conventional cooling techniques like fans and air conditioning.
  • Environmentally friendly – by capturing the sun’s power, solar-powered whirlybirds not only preserve the environment but also minimise the need for other cooling techniques like air conditioning and fans by considerably cooling dwellings from early in the morning.
  • Set and forget — once placed, the solar-powered whirlybird looks after itself, working hardest when you need it the most, i.e. when the sun is at its brightest and warmest.
  • Quiet – quiet during the day and entirely silent at night, so you are not disturbed.

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How Does Solar Whirlybird Work?

Solar roof ventilation works the same way as conventional whirlybirds to cool your home by collecting hot air from your ceiling area and replacing it with fresh, cold air. The efficiency and efficacy of the solar whirlybird set it apart from other types of roof ventilation.

Due to a lack of ventilation, the ceiling space in your house might get overheated. Roof cavities may heat up to above 60° C, affecting the overall temperature of the structure. Solar-powered whirlybird ventilation systems function by sucking superheated air from a building’s ceiling cavity and bringing fresh air through rooftop vents.

Unlike traditional whirlybirds, which operate at all hours of the day and night, solar-powered whirlybirds only operate during the day. Because it is powered by the sun, the solar whirlybird will run from dawn to dark, guaranteeing that your home’s roof cavity does not overheat throughout the day.

The solar-powered whirlybird ventilation system runs silently throughout the day and then becomes silent at night when no longer required.

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