Is a Wall Heater Better than a Furnace? 

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The Winter season is almost here. Choosing between a wall heater or a furnace is perhaps one of your problems these days, especially if you are a first-time homeowner.  

And because not all heating devices are designed to serve the same purpose, having the right heating system in your home is crucial to surviving Canberra’s extreme cold weather.

In this article, Landmark Air will help you understand the difference—from how each device works, cost, and installation—between a wall heater and a furnace.

Let’s start.

Wall Heater vs. Furnace

The most common misconception homeowners know about wall heaters and furnaces are that they are the same things. The thing is these two heating devices have separate functions. Essentially, one serves as a central heating system while the other provides direct heating. Each appliance also has specific requirements, as well as limitations, to get the most of them. 

Here’s how a wall heater and a furnace differ.


 A furnace is a device that emits warm air through ducts that are then delivered to every part of the house via air grills or registers.  Typically, it is used to provide a centralised heating system—also known as forced warm-air and ducted warm-air distribution system.  The heating equipment is traditionally powered using fuel oil and natural gas. Although there are furnaces that are fueled via electricity now, too.

A wall furnace is also systematically placed in empty rooms or with less foot traffic such as the basement, attic, and closets. And while it can absolutely heat small rooms, it is much more capable, suitable, and efficient to use in larger as well as multiple spaces.

However, because it functions as a central heating system, it requires a high amount of energy—or gas if it is not electrically powered. Although there are brands that offer furnaces with low emission and higher efficiency systems today.

Furnaces, in general, are expensive too. The installation cost, as well as the maintenance, is considerably high also. 

Wall heater

 Contrary to furnaces, a wall heater is equipment that provides direct heat and has no ductwork. It is installed directly into walls and heats up quite fast compared to furnaces too. And because it does not have ducts, it provides a relatively small amount of heat only, which is essentially suitable and effective in warming up small spaces only, unlike furnaces.

Such characteristics make it a great energy-saving heating device. But do take note that it is not the best choice to use for larger rooms and can cover limited space only. A typical 1,500 BTU wall heater, for example, can only supply enough heat for an approximately 150 square feet room.

Which is Better?

Wall heaters and furnaces provide heat in different ways. Each piece of equipment is efficient as well if used accordingly. If you are going to use it for small spaces only, a wall heater is a great option. But if you have a large house with multiple rooms, furnaces would be the best option. 

However, in terms of cost, furnaces are much more expensive to buy and install. It requires regular maintenance and inspection too. All in all, it depends on how you will use it.

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