Top Ways To Make Your Evaporative Coolers More Efficient This Summer


It’s been a hot summer so far, and Evaporative Coolers are essential to staying cool. Landmark Air Canberra is here to help with tips on making your Evaporative Coolers more efficient this summer.

Evaporative coolers work by drawing in the outside air through a wet pad that absorbs heat from the surrounding area before releasing it back into the room at a lower temperature. By following our list in this post, you will help get more out of your Evaporative Coolers.

Top Ways To Make Your Evaporative Coolers More Efficient This Summer

Ensure that the Room Has Enough Airflow

Proper ventilation in the space is one of the most effective ways to use an air cooler. There is a popular belief that air coolers are more efficient when installed in enclosed areas, like air conditioners. That’s not the case.

Evaporation is the process through which heated air passes through water-soaked cooling pads to cool the air. Because of this, a steady flow of air is necessary for its cooling. It is critical to ensure that the space has adequate ventilation to remove the humidity.

The only way to achieve this is to open all of the windows. If you leave them open all the way, the only thing they’ll do is raise the temperature in the room. To see if you can get more cooling, try adjusting the window a little bit.

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Ensure the Air Cooler is Well-Maintained

Before you use your air cooler this summer, be sure it is in good working order. Cleaning the cooling pads should be one of your priorities. They accumulate dust and pollen over time.

The pads may be cleaned with a brush once a week. If they’ve gathered a lot of dust, it’s preferable to replace them. Cleaning the water tank and checking for leaks is also necessary.

A simple swipe of the blades may improve the effectiveness of the fan. The air cooler should be maintained regularly.

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Choose the Right Dimension

When purchasing an evaporative cooler, make sure it is big enough for your home. Selecting an oversize system for your home is preferable to an undersize one. Because of the enhanced degree of comfort it provides, the additional expense for its purchase is generally inconsequential.

A bigger evaporative system will not impair its efficiency, unlike refrigerated systems. It must be able to move enough air to keep your house at a suitable temperature, which gets more challenging on hot days. To maximise the benefits of the evaporative process, the system must be able to change airflow and temperature.

Get Professional Serviced Regularly

The system has to be checked out regularly to ensure it is working properly. Typically, this should be done every six months to keep your equipment running well and increase its lifespan. You can keep your system in good working order by following a few easy steps.

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Clean the Cooling Pads Regularly

If you maintain them clean, contaminants have less of a chance to block them, which in turn slows the accumulation of minerals from your water. Because the system relies on air movement via these pads, it is important to keep them clean. The amount of dust in the air and the mineralisation level of your water will determine how often you need to clean the pads.

Getting Rid of Outdated Pads

Clean pads improve the system’s performance. Despite regular cleaning, they will jam up eventually. The system’s efficiency will likely suffer as a result of the reduced airflow.

Local dust and mineral concentrations will affect how long you can go before replacing your brake pads. Keeping an eye on your system’s effectiveness might help you determine whether it’s time to make the switch.

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