The Perfect Evaporative Cooler for Summer: Braemar Supercool Full Review

Braemar Supercool

Summer is a great time to enjoy family gatherings. However, it can be not easy to stay cool when the temperature reaches triple digits daily. The Braemar Supercool evaporative cooler offers homeowners an alternative solution that is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

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The Perfect Evaporative Cooler for Summer – Braemar Supercool

Braemar is a well-known name in the field of evaporative cooling. Like Bonaire, Braemar has constructed its coolers for Australia’s harsh weather. The Tornado® water pump in the Supercool line is made in Australia and is designed to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions.

Airflow and Efficiency:

Braemar’s Supercool systems offer 25% greater cooling capacity than the ordinary range. Its Stealth® fan, which is aerodynamic and silent, is in part responsible for this.

The Braemar smart water management technology in a Supercool unit also lets you adjust your water use to provide more efficient cooling if needed so that you can reach optimum efficiency with a Supercool unit.


Long-life Chillcel® pads are used in all units in the Supercool line, which provides optimal cooling due to their high water absorption capacity. An essential benefit of these pads is that they clean themselves, which helps keep the filter in your unit free of allergens like dust, pollen, and pet dander.

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The automatic drain valve empties the water reservoir when Braemar is not in use. In addition, you may set your unit’s fan to run for an additional hour after unpacking to speed up the drying process.

Thanks to this feature, your filter pads will last longer, and you won’t have to worry about undesired germs or algae growing in them.

Control mechanisms

Braemar’s touchscreen MagIQtouch Controller is included in all Supercool units, allowing you to establish personalized schedules for your air conditioning. Using this smart technology, you can set up automated draining and drying, diagnostic checks, temperature adjustments, and regular scheduling.

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