Important Things You Should Know Before Installing a New Air Conditioner

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As summer approaches, you should ensure that all systems are set to combat the expected temperature rise. Summer months are known for high temperatures that can be made bearable with a fully functional cooling system. If you have an old cooling system, now may be the best time to hire a professional heating and cooling company for a new air conditioner installation.

Installing a new air conditioner in your home or business should be done with professional help. Before making a purchase decision, you should be aware of common things that can affect the functionality of your AC. Some of the important things to keep in mind are;

The Size of Your Air Conditioner 

The goal of purchasing a new air conditioner is to keep your indoor space cool and habitable during the summer months. There is a high chance that your goal may be defeated when you choose a smaller Air conditioner for your room. The size of your air conditioner can affect its cooling ability. Before making a purchase decision, consult with a professional heating and cooling technician to estimate the right size for your space. While you don’t want to install a small unit in a big room, you also don’t want to install a big unit in a small room. Choosing a big air conditioner for your small room will cost you more money.

When you choose a bigger AC for your small room, there is a high chance that you may suffer a short cycling problem. Short cycling occurs when the AC has reached the desired room temperature, thus causing it to shut down. With smaller rooms, the AC can achieve the desired indoor temperature faster, thus causing the unit to short cycle more frequently. This problem can damage your AC unit over time and can also spike your utility bills.

To determine the best air conditioning size for your needs, measure the room’s length, width, and height. Multiply each of these parameters and multiply the outcome with the room’s height again. The result is a measurement of the room’s square footage.

Installation Location 

The location where your air conditioner is placed can affect its function and performance. It is best to place your AC unit high up on the wall and in a corner. The perfect location will improve air circulation and also ensure better coverage of the room. If your building does not already have ductwork, now is the best time to get the job done.

Avoid DIYs

Installing your air conditioner requires technical experience and know-how. The AC system encompasses many electrical parts that can affect the unit’s performance when not properly installed. It is best to contact a professional to do the job to avoid breaching the manufacturer’s warranty or causing possible electrical problems like shocks. A professional can help you with the right AC size, best installation location, and can recommend the best brands to meet your cooling needs.

Proper installation is the first way to ensure maximum durability and performance for your AC system. Contact professional heating and cooling companies like Landmark Air via to get the best AC services.

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